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Somehow There Are Still Mint Condition Retro Consoles Being Found


The Nintendo GameBoy released in early 1989 in Japan, later that same year in North America, and it finally came to Europe in 1990. I got my GameBoy when I was about five years old, so around 1996/1997, and it sparked my love for gaming, handheld consoles, and Nintendo all at once. I stil have my GameBoy, and the original carry case I was lucky enough to be bought at the same time, but the console is far from in mint condition. Aged by time and ravaged by the overuse of a five year old with little else to do in their spare time. But this is just my GameBoy. In 2020 a GameBoy has been uncovered in mint condition, 30 years after the console’s original release date, and it has blown my mind.


On Twitter someone named Stealth shared the above image, explaining that they had just been sent all of these items by a relative who works in the antique trade. In here we have a mint condition GameBoy, which is staggering in itself, the box of which is brand new. The console is even wrapped up still, indicating that this bad boy was purchased and never opened. You can also see a Nintendo Power magazine, a long dead magazine, which I think was sent alongside the GameBoy, as well as the game of Tetris that was packaged with the console.

How is This Stuff Still Being Found?

The world is a big place, and a lot of GameBoys were sold. Even so, I find it hard to believe that this mint condition, still boxed Nintendo GameBoy was found nby an antiques dealer in 2020. I imagine that the console was found in a house clearance, or brought to the dealer by someone who didn’t know what they had, probably someone old.

I used to work in an antiques centre, and the things that used to pass through were way more exciting that you’d expect. I still have an acoustic Fender guitar that I got for a fraction of what it is worth because one of the dealers did me a deal. Sadly I never came across anything like this GameBoy, but if I had, you can bet that I’d have been all over it.

I think that if GameBoys can be found in this kind of condition today, then there’s still a lot of space for people who want to collect retro games and consoles. With the fast approach of the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X, it’s easy to forget about the consoles that came before. I hope I see more finds like this, because it really made my day.

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