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Gran Turismo Sport Has Some Ridiculous Player Stats

Gran Turismo Sport isn’t exactly known for having a smooth start in life. However, after getting over those initial pot holes, bumps in the road, and all the other driving analogies you can think of, the game developed a dedicated player base of driving simulator fans. The series has always been known for being one of the most accurate and enjoyable driving games on the market, and it’s had a home with PlayStation fans since the early days of the original PlayStation.

With all of that said, some recently released stats for the game are just ridiculous, but they’re also completely an utterly Gran Turismo.

Driving Stats Are The Best Stats


Since the game launched, Gran Turismo Sport has had more than 8.2 million users. That’s around a tenth of the install base of the PlayStation 4, or just under, which is a colossal number of people who have tried the game at the very least. Of all of those players, those who have stuck it out to drive in the game have driven a cumulative 25.5 billion miles. To put that into perspective, here are some other stats about miles.

  • 238,900 miles to the moon
  • 33.9 million miles to Mars
  • 162 million miles to Venus
  • 365 million miles to Jupiter
  • 746 million miles to Saturn
  • 1.6 billion miles to Uranus
  • 2.7 billion miles to Neptune
  • 4.67 billion miles to Pluto

From these stats we ca see that the total number of miles driven in Gran Turismo Sport add up to two trips from Earth to Pluto and back, with enough leftover to get back to Pluto and stay there. All of that was done in around 303 million hours of play time, in which players have taken 70 million photos.

In addition, more than 81 million liveries have been created in all of the time that players have been driving in Gran Turismo Sport, and just under 1 billion, 937 million to be exact, races have occurred.

I’m astounded at the number of miles that have been driven in this game, and I’ve no doubt that they come close to the total number driven by humanity on Earth. I’d love to see even more stats on this game, like the levels of pollution created, or how many calories the drivers would have burned by doing all of this driving.

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