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Immersive Mode Will Eventually Come To Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a fantastic game. That’s my opinion of it at least. I’ve been playing a bit of this brand new jaunt into the Ghost Recon franchise recently, and it offers solo players something really special. However, for those of us who want a deeper experience, there’s a core component missing. Ubisoft has been promising this component for a while, and now they’ve reiterated that it’s on its way to the game soon.


True Immersion

Earlier in the year the company shared that they’d be delivering a new immersive mode to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint alongside the new Engineer class this month. Now they’re saying that these updates are coming to the game a little later than planned.

While February was the goal for the update, the actual release date for them will be alongside Episode 2 for the game, which launches on March 5. Ubisoft has apologised for the delay in this new mode being added, but there have been some complications with the implementation.

The new immersive mode is designed to be an impactful update. It will allow players to get truly stuck into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, with little to no guidance for enemies, objectives, and anything that makes games easier these days. The new mode was built using community feedback, and should provide more of a challenge to players who seek it out in the game.

I really can’t wait for this new mode. I already play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with as many map markers and helpful indicators turned off as I can. This forces me to read the information I’m given and work out where I need to go on the map for each mission. Playing this way makes the game feel much closer to Metal Gear Solid 3, but with technology and drones. Suddenly you have to hide in the grass and keep away from everything, you need to be aware of every noise you make, and the noises around you. It really adds a whole new layer to the game, and I think that immersive mode will enhance this beyond its current limits.

If you haven’t tried playing with all indicators off in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint already, you should definitely give it a go in preparation for immersive mode.

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