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Good News Everyone! Gameforge Is Helping COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Gameforge, a German publisher and distributor for games such as Kingdoms Under Fire 2, Tera, and Runes of Magic, is helping out frontline workers who are fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19) by providing PPE (personal protective equipment) tools. They’re 3D printing the tools and getting them out to those who need them so that the good fight can continue being fought.


3D Printing To Help Protect One Life At A time

The company shifted their focus to the worldwide pandemic, and they’re partnered with FabLab, a technology solution company. Together these businesses are creating a new stream of protective equipment that isn’t overburdened like they are in other industries. These guys can work on what they’re told is needed, and they can get it done without interruption from other outside influences. In many ways they’re also better poised to provide to the local frontline workers who need it most, because they don’t need to ship their goods very far at all.

Now FabLab is using a few 3D printers, which they were given, to bring their digital mask designs to life. These are the face masks that will help stop the spread of germs onto the faces of those who are face to face with those infected with coronavirus every day. A recent statement from FabLab said the following, “While the plastic shields are cut out by laser, other volunteers are using their personal 3D printers to make the requisite holding frames at home. Finally, all components are assembled at FanLab Bruchsal by a smaller team – to keep the risk of infection to a bare minimum.


This is just another way that gaming companies are finding to help fight the coronavirus. Most of these methods are pretty out there, but they’re really helping in small doses. FunLab explained that they were inspired by a movement called Makers vs Virus. Some of the methods through this initiative that are helping out include multi-million dollar donations, and even game sales revenue being moved straight to help out with hospitals. There are also vaccine efforts and fundraisers going on everywhere, so find one and see if you can help out!

We’re trying to get as much good news in front of eyes as possible in these troubling times. If you enjoyed this more positive outlook on the current situation, check out some more similar articles here.

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