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Undying Is A Very Different Zombie Survival Game


Undying has been in development for a while now, but we’ve only just come across it here at PowerupGaming. The game is set in the zombie apocalypse, the world has become very quickly overrun by the undead, and it seems like there’s no way of stopping it. Players take on the role of Anling, a mother protecting her son, Cody. Sadly, Anling is bitten right as the game starts, while defending Cody, and now she must work to teach him how to fend for himself in this crazy new world before she becomes a threat.

Undying is set in a brutal world. The zombies are plentiful, and while they won’t automatically take notice of Anling and Cody, often passing them by, some will see them and being to approach, forcing Anling’s hand. In each encounter, Anling needs to somehow show Cody how to defend himself, whether it’s with a melee weapon, or a gun. It’s not clear exactly how we teach Cody these skills, but it seems like it will be a passive form of learning that comes together over the course of many different combat encounters.

Outside of combat, Anling will be teaching Cody to cook, how to scavenge, and even heal himself. Of course, there are other survivors to deal with as well, and these encounters will come in many different forms. Everything that you do in the game is a learning experience, not just for you getting to grips with the game, but Cody too. Eventually, Anling is going to succumb to the infection in her blood, but the longer you fight it, the better prepared Cody will be.

This being a zombie apocalypse, the infection could kill humans after a single bite, or multiple bites could be needed in order to finally kill someone. We don’t know the ins and outs just yet, but once the game launches the community will probably flock to Reddit to share everything they know.

This game is really interesting because it flips the survival aspect of the zombie apocalypse on its head. You’re no longer fighting to live for just one more day, or even save the world, you just want to ensure that you give your child the best chances of living longer than a few days once you’re gone.

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