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Minecraft Has Some Ridiculous Stats


Minecraft is now 11 years old, and it has just topped 200 million sales around the globe. In addition to this huge milestone, which comes just after the establishment of Mojang Studios, Microsoft has confirmed that 126 million people log in to play Minecraft every month.

It’s shocking to me that Minecraft is 11 years old. I remember when the game was still being distributed via forums around the web, with no official platform for the game to be purchased from. Oddly, the forums that hosted it were also a hotbed for blackhat SEO link building, mainly because there was so much traffic going through them. At 11 years old, Minecraft would be starting secondary school (high school) in the UK this year, were it a real person.

200 million is the number of active users that Zoom saw in the month of March. This was a huge jump for the company, who had just 10 million active users before that, and was largely driven by the need for people around the world to stay in touch with each other. Businesses also began to use the service. If you haven’t heard of Zoom, it’s great for a family quiz, and I thoroughly recommend it.

200 million is also the number of years ago that a fossil showed a Jurassic squid attack occurring. These sorts of attacks are hard to find in fossil form, and so this fossil is considered to be extremely rare.

Now we move onto 126 million, which is actually the number of people that Facebook estimates Russia were able to reach when it came to President Trump’s election. I don’t know the ins and outs of this situation, but I do know that a number of people consider this to be shady at best.

126 million people is also just about the number of people who live in Japan, and just under the total population of Mexico. It’s hard to work out just how large that number is, but remember that Japan has a lot of people packed into a small amount of land. That number of people logging in and playing Minecraft every month is astounding, and shows just how popular the game still is, even after 11 years.

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