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Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Is Pushing Fighting Games Forward


Last week it was confirmed that Stadia would be getting five new free games for Pro subscribers this month. Among these games is the Power Rangers fighting game, Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, which has proven to be pretty popular across most platforms. Bringing it to Stadia makes sense, because it’s one of the only fighting games on the platform, and offers a bit more diversification between the fighting games players can access.

However, the real key to why Power Rangers Battle for the Grid on Stadia is so amazing is the fact that it will feature full crossplay. This means that players across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia will all be able to beat each other up. The game probably wouldn’t be worth including on Stadia without crossplay, but with it, it’s the first fighting game to include full five platform crossplay, pushing the genre forward like no other release.

Crossplay on Stadia is massively important to any game. Currently there is no crossplay between Destiny 2 players, and that’s seriously harmed the game on Google’s platform. There simply aren’t enough players to fill a multiplayer match, and since Destiny 2 is an MMO, it’s been suffering terribly without that large playerbase. When you add into this that most Stadia players aren’t MMO fans, you’ve got a problematic combination.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers in June. This might cost you the subscription fee, but it’s worth it for five games right? Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is usually free, but with Stadia, as we’ve seen in Destiny 2, we’ll probably have access to some content for free that would otherwise be behind a paywall. This is great, and will encourage players to delve deep into what’s on offer in the hope of unlocking even more content.

Fighting games are some of the most popular on the planet. They have entire tournaments dedicated to them, and the seasonal content that they bring feels more worthwhile because o the frequency that it gets used. Just like PUBG, I think that Power Rangers Battle for the Grid could be another game that pushes Stadia as a viable and competitive platform.

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