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Ghost Of Tsushima Has Gone Gold


This week, developer Sucker Punch announced that their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, has now gone gold. This means that the team has finished the game development work on the project, and the code is ready to be shipped on discs, and uploaded for digital purchases. This also means that the team can now work on producing a beefy day one patch that will fix most of the bugs and glitches they find between now and then.

Ghost of Tsushima is an extremely interesting-looking game. It puts you in the middle of a Mongul invasion as a Samurai, and gives you the power to be honourable, or a devious ghost. I don’t quite understand how this mechanic will play into the story at large, but I believe that it will have a similar effect to the good and bad actions of Sucker Punch’s Infamous game series. There you gained access to unique abilities depending on your actions, which I think would also be a really great fit here.

As a samurai, players need to be honourable, facing their targets head on. There is no stealth as a samurai, you go in loud and fast, giving your enemy a chance to react, but always going for the kill while looking them in the eyes. As a ghost, you’re sneaking and killing without giving anyone a chance. You are there to kill everyone, and you don’t care about how you do it. At the time, this would have been seen as dishonourable, and I can’t wait to see how we toe the line when the game finally launches on July 17.

Sucker Punch is a fantastic developer, and the Infamous game series that they worked on is one of the greatest superhero game series of all time. I think that those games still hold up well today in terms of design, and that seems to be true of how they’ve built Ghost of Tsushima as well. In fact, I’d got as far as saying that I think this game will be making an appearance on the PlayStation 5, because it looks too polished and good to be left on the PlayStation 4.

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