Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Looks Absolutely Epic

ghost of tsushima legends

Ghost of Tsushima has only just released. It’s an epic, incredible game, with an open world that I still find myself getting lost in as explore. But the game is about to get even more content, which I can’t believe can even fit on my PlayStation 4. This will be in the form of Ghost of Tsushima Legends, and it’s all about working with other players.

Legends is a new game mode that doesn’t look at Jin or his companions, it looks at the legendary characters that the people of Tsushima tell tales of. While the main game looks at the very real and beautiful world of Tsushima, Legends delves into fantastical realms, with locations that are inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology. Though all of these new environments have a big focus on cooperative combat, and action.

Don’t worry if, like me, you don’t have any friends who play the game. You can team up with anyone via in-game matchmaking. Every player can choose from one of the four carefully crated playable Legend characters. There’s a Samurai, Hunter, Assassin, and a Ronin. Each one has their own unique abilities, which will need to be used together with others to make the most of them in intense combat encounters.

With two players, the game’s difficulty will scale up. In this way, Sucker Punch wants to offer more of a challenge to players who have mastered the solo campaign by now. It’s one thing fighting groups of enemies on your own, but with higher stakes and tougher foes, will a friend even be able to help? Two players get to take on new stories that have been created specifically for the mode, but it’s the four player mode that sounds most enjoyable.

Four players get to compete in wave based survival games. As you’d imagine, this sees you face off against wave after wave of enemies, with the end goal just being to get as far as you can. While this sounds really fun, I think that the next game mode might be the best.

There’s a raid that four players can take on together. This will launch shortly after Ghost of Tsushima Legends does, and will present the ultimate challenge for fans of the game. Few details on this game mode, and when Legends will release, have been given. I think it’s safe to say that Sucker Punch want to get this out before players get too bored, so expect it to drop at some point in September.

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