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Ghost Of Tsushima Is Already Getting A New Difficulty


Ghost of Tsushima is a fantastic game. It stays true to the time period it’s set in, and makes you feel like a true Samurai because of that. The game is challenging in its hardest difficulty, and there’s a plethora of content to uncover, explore, and collect. But it seems like this isn’t enough for all those who have been playing it for the last week or so.

Earlier this week developer Sucker Punch announced that they would be bringing some new features to Ghost of Tsushima with update 1.05. One of those new features is a brand new difficulty level. This new difficulty is being called ‘Lethal’, and it bloody sounds it. It makes enemy weapons way more deadly, dealing more damage, but Jin’s katana can also deal more damage accordingly. In Lethal enemies will also be more aggressive, and spot you sooner. Once in combat, there will also be less time for parrying and dodging, meaning that you’ll need to develop cat-like reflexes in order to stay safe.

This new difficulty sounds right up my alley. I love exploring the world of Tsushima and taking my time, but there’s something about mastering an incredibly difficult game that I just find so satisfying. I know that it’s going to hurt me, but I can’t wait for it to hurt me all the same.

However, Sucker Punch has realised that more difficulty isn’t what some people want, so they’ve added the complete opposite in as well. In a new ‘Lower Intensity’ mode, combat is relaxed, meaning that players won’t be punished quite so much when they are discovered by enemies. For example, it’s easier to sneak around enemies because the stealth settings are relaxed. If you are discovered, unblockable attacks are now blockable, though a few still need to be dodged. Enemies will stop attacking when they land a hit, or when you’re healing.

I love that Sucker Punch has leaned into making the game easier and harder, catering to two key types of player. The first is the type of player who wants the most challenge possible, something that pushes them beyond their limits. The second is the type of player who just wants to explore. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something akin to the Assassin’s Creed Discovery mode soon.

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