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Fallout Friday – Fallout: The Frontier Is Getting A Steam Release


Fallout: The Frontier is probably one of the best mods for Fallout New Vegas out there. It does things that neither Bethesda nor Obsidian Entertainment have even contemplated in similar games since, and it packs in a whole new story to boot. Now, this epic mod is heading to Steam.

What Is Fallout: The Frontier?

You’re forgiven for not having heard of this mod before now, it’s still a fairly obscure one. The game takes place in a place known only as The Frontier. It’s cold here, and that plays into the gameplay. This isn’t just a new Fallout game in a custom setting you see, the snow and ice have a direct impact on gameplay.

You’ll see weather change as you roam The Frontier, going from overcast, to clear sky, and then into a full on blizzard. Temperatures will reach sub zero levels, and this could be your downfall if you don’t wear the right gear. Enemies will also be affected by the snow and ice, with frostbite being part of day to day life.

The story in this mod is colossal compared to the single quest mods you get for games like Fallout 4. Here you’re getting a whole new game, and it adds in some awesome new elements to mess around with. Vehicles are drivable in the mod, and you’ll be fighting enemies with them as part of boss fights. There’s definitely a dogfight in there somewhere, but I’m not sure how intense that’s going to be.

I think that the most exciting this about this mod though is the collection of smaller changes it brings. Buildings and environments are now destructible, as you’d expect with tanks and vertibirds blasting the crap out of enemies everywhere. If you start a fire, it’s going to spread, and that could be bad for you if you don’t pay attention. New animals are also present, as well as a whole new weapon set, Cryo weapons. Obviously these all revolve around using the cold to your advantage, and that means that you can give someone frostbite right before your eyes, freezing them to the icy floor in an instant.

I can’t wait to get this on Steam, it’ll be so much easier to install and manage. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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