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The Best Part Of The Crysis Series Is Customising The Nanosuit


With Crysis Remastered coming out on July 23, I was reminded of just how much fun I’ve had with the series, and why. The games are built to be small open world playgrounds that we can do whatever we want in. If we chose to pick up cars and throw them at enemies, that would be fine, and it would also be totally okay to sneak through every section of the game, with the enemies being completely unaware of us. All of this is thanks to the customisation options on the Nanosuits, and they’re what makes the game so good.

In each Crysis game players are plonked inside of a hyper advanced Nanosuit that protects them, gives them a huge boost to strength and agility, and even allows them to become invisible. All of this is controlled by the modules you put onto that suit, which you can unlock more of, or customise even deeper, over time. In Crysis 2 you had power slots. With more power slots, you could improve certain aspects of your Nanosuit more, allowing you to gain certain abilities.

For example, if you put everything into stealth and cloaking, you’d have footsteps that couldn’t be heard, and you could become totally invisible. This came with a caveat though, you could only use your abilities for as long as your power allowed. The more power slots you have taken up, the quicker your available power will go down. This made the game feel like an RPG, but you were constantly changing what the character’s specialisation was.

I loved sneaking through hordes of enemies, because the aliens in particular are very difficult to fight. However, in larger areas where there are less of them, it’s way more fun to put power into your strength and amour, and kill every enemy by throwing a car their way. Agility was also a big help if you wanted to be able to dart around and avoid being hit.

Crysis Remastered is bringing that gameplay to modern consoles, and if it sells well, then it might mean that the other two games get remasters as well. If you enjoyed any of the Crysis games, you should definitely give this a go, because there are few games that can match this level of customisation.

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