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Rainbow Six Siege: Sugar Fright Event Is Absolutely Mad

Rainbow Six Siege- Sugar Fright Event

The Halloween event in Rainbow Six Siege for 2020 has been the Sugar Fright Event. The core appeal with any of the game’s events is always the new cosmetics that it adds. This time they’re all about muppets, and to be honest they look absolutely terrifying. It’s no surprise that they’ve been added for this Halloween event specifically. However, I’ve been having fun because of the event’s actual gameplay, not just because it lets me become a human muppet for 10 minutes or so. It’s fast, frantic, and the complete opposite of what Rainbow Six Siege is all about. That’s why it’s so good. I’m very glad that it’s not sticking around, but I will miss it.

What makes Sugar Fright Event so unique is that it’s a true team deathmatch experience within a game that doesn’t suit that style of gameplay. Rainbow Six Siege is all about having a single life, and being tactical. In the Sugar Fright Event though, you go in all guns blazing and hope for the best. It doesn’t matter so much if you die because you’ll respawn. With the fear of death gone, you’re free to run in as much as you like. While every death drops a point for the enemy team, you can afford to run around the map and collect all of those points quickly, if you’re good.

However, there was one big problem that I noticed with the game mode. Spawning. You can run to the enemy team’s spawn point, and camp there killing them over and over again as they spawn. It’s something that most developers work very hard to avoid, shifting spawn points as players move around. Ubisoft doesn’t seem to care though. While every death is stupid and fun, it felt a little cheap when my entire team was wiped by one player hiding in a corner.

I did manage to find something I could use to my advantage though. There’s a tower where you can see a decent amount of the map. Sticking up there and firing down, as well as throwing the occasional grenade, made up for the fact that I could be spawn camped. I hope you guys enjoyed the event too. Let me know if you did in the comments.

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