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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ghost Experience Update Looks Fantastic


Earlier this month, Ubisoft revealed the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ghost Experience Update. It’s an update that once again builds upon the game’s core experience, and has been built with what players want in mind. This isn’t an update just to visuals, or adding in a new game mode, or fixing up a number of smaller issues. It’s yet again an overhaul to the game’s main systems. It’s one that completely changes the way you play the game, or it can depending on the options you choose. This is how you have the ultimate Ghost experience, and it feels like there’s still so much more to come just around the corner.

The improved stealth parameters have completely changed the way you sneak into a base, or just track enemies. It’s easier, but also more realistic. Heavy enemies are still a pain in the ass, as they should be, but drones will accurately drop. It also takes a little longer for enemies to broadcast seeing you, making it fairer if you get a headshot in within a couple of seconds.

Having a bullet to throw is also a complete game-changer. Now, in true Metal Gear Solid style, you can attract enemies to a location you define just by throwing an object. It’s such a simple update, but it’s one that’s been needed since the game launched. Off the back of this, you can also now cook grenades. I always thought I was cooking them, but this update shows me that I wasn’t. It’s a dramatic improvement that I’m already having loads of fun with.

One thing I also want to touch on is enemies reloading. This isn’t something you think about much, but it was definitely a pain in the ass before this update. Having realistic reload times for enemies makes a firefight more fun, but only because it’s fairer, not easier.

My favourite features from the update have to be the world modifiers though. Now you can tweak how dark the night is, so it’s always pitch black for me. You can also have both roaming Terminators and Rebels all over Auroa. This combination is chaotic at best, though you can only have one at once, but it’s so much fun to have all of these new characters in play in the world.

Finally, opening up Golem Island for solo players is awesome. I’m exploring it right now, because I’ve never done the raid, but I’m building myself up to that. If you’ve not played the game already, now is the perfect time to try it.

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