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Would A Season Pass Fit With Rust?


Rust is hitting consoles later this spring. The console edition has been coming for a long time, and it’s now so close that we can almost taste it. However, I have to wonder about how well the game will survive if it doesn’t have a season pass for players to work through. The game is wonderful on PC, but that’s because of player-generated communities and content. The game has its very own ecosystem, and that’s going to be something that’s completely new for console players. I don’t really see that many people investing in the game if there’s not something tangible for them to chase. Right now, that’s a missing element from Rust.

In Rust, players must survive and battle against one another for survival. Each time they attempt to build a home and survive against the odds, they’re picking up new skills and blueprints that are permanently part of their character. However, they lose everything apart from these when they die. You don’t get to keep that fancy tool you built, but you know how to build it from the very start now. This is the traditional loop of gameplay for Rust, and it’s one that’s worked really well for it so far.

Console players need something more though. I can only speak for myself and those I know, but we like to have something to work with and something to work for. I don’t want to spend hours learning how to craft something if I then have to spend hours crafting it every time I die. A season pass would fit in well here for console players, adding items that you can spawn with. Maybe there could even be a stash box you can build which stores those items.

The problem with this is that it messes with the tried and tested formula of Rust. It doesn’t work for everyone, so it probably won’t be a change we get to see. I still can’t see Rust surviving that well on consoles without a season pass that would push players to keep coming back, but maybe there will be something else that will sustain the community.

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