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Rust Console Edition Looks Fairly Responsive


Rust Console Edition feels like it’s very nearly here. To back this up, developer Double Eleven has put out an extended gameplay video showing 17 minutes of the game. In it, you can see players fighting for survival as they battle each other in a raid. You can also see all the bases that have been build, indicating that you’ve got a lot of stuff to work with in the console version of the game. The thing that stands out to me though, is just how responsive the game is. It doesn’t look like being restricted to consoles is having too much of an impact on the gameplay. Check it out below for yourself and read on for more thoughts.

I expected this game to run quite badly on consoles. Controllers and the restrictive nature of the hardware in consoles made me believe that this would genuinely be a worse experience than the PC version. After seeing this, I’m happy to say that I was completely wrong. The game looks like it runs really well, at least on PS4 Pro. The framerate seems to support quick movement, making the battle that we get to witness one that isn’t plagued by players simply not being the first to aim at the enemy.

The huge number of deaths was apparently intentional here. The developers wanted to show off as much of the combat as they could, including weapons and defenses. That’s because they want to showcase what is at the heart of Rust, the raids. Players band together in servers, get a good base going, and then they raid another base. It’s the natural progression of each Rust server. This is the action that players want to see, and the stuff they’re eager to take part in once the game is out.

I’m getting slowly more excited for Rust Console Edition with every passing day. The videos we’re seeing make the game look awesome, and it could even outdo some of the other MMOs taking up the limelight on these devices. Hopefully, the game doesn’t suffer too much from the massive influx of players when it launches later this year.

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