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Do We Need A Remake Of The Last Of Us?


The Last Of Us isn’t an old game. In fact, it got a remaster a year after release on PS4, and the sequel has only just come out for PS5. However, if rumors are to be believed, the game is getting a remake. When thinking about this, there are two things I’m struggling with. The first is the believability of the entire thing. I don’t see why a game that’s so young would get a remake, it makes no sense. The second thing is that I don’t see who this remake is for. That’s what I want to dive into here because I think it’s a seriously valid point about the validity of the rumor.

Sony is a business. It makes sense for the company to double down on the big hitters. The games that sell millions of copies and generate millions of dollars. The Last Of Us is definitely that, but it’s a game you can still play on the company’s latest machine. While that might only be as a PS4 version, it’s still totally playable, and looks great for its age. I think part of the decision behind a remake could be that Sony is closing the PS3 digital store. This means that the game will only be available, digitally at least, for PS4. That’s not good for a company that wants to give you a reason to buy its latest device.

This is where it makes sense to remake The Last Of Us for PS5, but remake is too strong a word. A full remaster, multiplayer and all would be enough. I’d play it for the multiplayer mode alone, and I think it would be a genuinely useful release for those just getting into games with the PS5 in the future.

In terms of a full remake though, for a game with a sequel that’s still so fresh, I don’t see the sense. If you change the original story, you mess with the sequel’s. Doing that will invalidate the fantastic experience that’s found there. Ultimately, if this remake news is true, it’s a silly decision at best. At worst, it’ll cost Sony millions in dollars, and probably a few fans along the way.

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