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Hitman 3 Season Of Greed Needs More Replayability


Hitman 3’s first Season of Sin is well underway, and it’s massively underwhelming. Season of Greed is adding very little to the game, and Io Interactive doesn’t seem to be sneaking anything extra special in behind the scenes. It’s basically just a new Escalation and an excuse to reuse certain Elusive Targets, as well as something for content creators to vaguely build Featured Contracts around. Everything that’s being added is very much a single experience though. Hitman 3 is a game about replayability and improvement. You can’t do any of that with these additions though. They’re all one-off entries that don’t add any longevity to the overall product, and that’s not what this game is about.

I will admit that the new Escalation, The Greed Enumeration, adds a lot to the game. There’s a new mechanic in which you can choose to kill more targets and earn more coins to buy new gear in each level. Being able to buy new gear instead of relying on what’s in the location is also nice, and the overall change to the Dubai location is also very cool. However, none of it is accessible outside of the Escalation.

What would have been nice is if Io Interactive had made it possible for players to create new contracts in this revamped location. They could then choose the items available for purchase, and make some much more interesting contracts for others to play around the world. The player base is already pretty fantastic at building contracts, but this would open up an entirely new level of replayability. It makes Season of Greed incredibly disappointing because it’s got so much potential just sitting there.

I hope that I’m speaking too soon. I really want Io Interactive to launch all of this for players to use on their own so that the contracts database can get some more action. That’s where the replayability in Hitman 3 is after all. Once you’ve perfected everything in the base game, you’re left with the missions others have built for you. I love these, and I know others do too. The only issue is that they’re too stale based on each location. With new mechanics like those in The Greed Enumeration, you could add years to Hitman 3’s life cycle.

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