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Returnal’s Third Biome Is The Real Third Boss


My journey in Returnal has been hampered somewhat by the third biome. As I’ve already mentioned on the site, the first boss is by far the hardest, the second is a joke, but the third isn’t even a boss. It’s a biome. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a roguelike, so every time you die you have to restart the run. That means that you have to power through every biome you’ve completed before you can reach the one you’re currently stuck on. While it’s a slog, it’s very much worth your time, because each room you tackle provides you with a chance to upgrade your arsenal and character, making them more effective in later fights.

However, having faced the third boss once now, and almost killing it on my first attempt, I really don’t think that it’s a boss. What is a boss is the biome that precedes it though. The first reason that it’s a boss is that it’s two biomes away. I’ve heard that the fourth biome is easier to access, but I’d still want to power through the earlier ones to be so overpowered that the boss doesn’t stand a chance. Two biomes is more than enough for a single session, but because there’s no saving in Returnal, you have to push through until you die.

The second reason that the third biome is a boss is because of how difficult it is. You can head there early if you want, but the enemies there are tough as nails. You need weapons at a high level of proficiency, you need the right PArasite and Artefact loadouts, and you need to be able to buy the items in that biome with resources gathered in the earlier two.

To top things off, the third biome has an incredibly tough pre-boss section to work through. It’s packed with some really tough enemies, and they rip you apart as you get close to the arena. It’s almost unfair, but then there are healing items further back in the previous area and biomes if you’re bothered about going in at full health. On my first attempt, I wasn’t, I thought I’d be dying regardless. It turns out though, that all you need to do is reach the boss with full health, and you should be fine to best it.

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