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Hitman 3 Season Of Pride Shows A Change For The Better

Hitman 3 Season of Pride Roadmap Guide

Hitman 3 Season of Greed had a huge problem. For one thing, part of its content started in the previous season, and the developer did nothing to rectify this towards the back end. Instead, the season started way too early and finished with barely anything going on for players to enjoy. It wasn’t the best experience. However, after that farce, it looks like Io Interactive has learned from its mistake. Season of Pride is a lot fuller, and all the content actually takes place well within the season, which is a brilliant change that shouldn’t have had to be made.

Hitman 3 Season of Pride Roadmap Guide

As you can see, there’s a lot going on this season. Season of Pride actually began incredibly strong. Not only did we get two Escalations on the first day it started, but we got a brand new Elusive Target two days later. This was much better than last month because this is an Elusive Target set in a Hitman 3 location, no recycled content for this early part of the season. This made the game feel great to sit down and enjoy, and part of that was also due to how well put together the new Escalations are. The Pride themed one has a new mechanic that makes for a much more interesting experience. This also opens up opportunities for multiple playthroughs in order to grab every challenge within it.

Later in the month, there’s still a lot going on. Two more rounds of Featured Contracts will grace our screens, and we’re also getting a third Escalation in Mendoza. This is great, and the month will even end with a new Elusive Target. While it’s still recycled content, it does tie in with the free stuff being offered to players who haven’t purchased all three hitman games.

I like that Io Interactive is bringing old content to the forefront and making it free. It provides an opportunity to take on all the seasonal content, whilst also enjoying what made the first Hitman game great. I hope to see more of this morning forward. Io Interactive has shown that it knows what players want, now it needs to double down and produce a little more to pack out the month and give us a reason to play every single day.

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