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No Man’s Sky Expedition Beachhead Is A Lot Of Fun

No Man's Sky

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky of all things. I know, it’s a terrible game that comes from a bunch of liars right? Well, if you can get past all of the controversies that refuse to move away from this game, then you can actually have a pretty good time. The only reason that’s possible is through the game’s second Expedition, Beachhead. Expeditions are mission-based adventures in the No Man’s Sky universe. You sit down and have to complete a set of objectives. Once you’ve gotten through all five phases of these objectives, you’ll get a shiny new reward, and the save file will be converted into a standard game for you to continue on with forever.

I thought that nothing could be more tedious than a mission-based adventure in this game. I was wrong though. Expeditions streamline everything there is to do in No Man’s Sky, making it much more enjoyable over a small period of time. No longer do you need to dedicate yourself to a 50 hour save file. Expeditions are time-limited, so you have to complete them quickly. The rewards are the initial draw, but I’ve actually found myself getting back into the game and gripping with the core mechanics more because of the enhanced pace at which you play it in an Expedition.

It’s interesting that a game of this magnitude would have a mode that forces players to effectively streamline their time with it. I do understand why it exists though. It makes the game more accessible, and it’s also a dedicated multiplayer mode for those who don’t have friends who play it. You’re dumped onto a starter planet with a lot of other players, and they’ll be your sort of community as you travel between rendezvous points. I’ve even found other key parts of my objectives because of other players, and that’s massively helped me in enjoying my time. There’s a sense of community spirit here that’s really nice to see, and it keeps on going throughout your time with it. I think that I’ll be playing every Expedition from now on because it’s the best time I’ve ever had in the game.

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