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Is A Map Maker Creation Copyright Infringement?


A recent article from Kotaku covered how Ubisoft removed a fan-made Goldeneye 007 map from Far Cry 5’s map maker due to copyright infringement. Well, the actual issue seems to be that it could potentially infringe on the copyright of the original Goldeneye 007 game, and therefore the film. In reality, Ubisoft pulled out a terms of use violation for it on this basis and removed it. I think it’s quite a cold move for the company to make, particularly because it was drawing in a lot of players into a dead game mode for Far Cry 5. Does it count as copyright infringement though?

Last year, the unofficial Goldeneye 007 remake was hit with a cease and desist over copyright infringement, despite the game being free and the developers asking for no money. The same thing could be true of this map in Far Cry 5, but the issue is one of where the blame lies. All the user who made that map did was put together pieces of the map that Ubisoft made. In a way, Ubisoft openly allowed this to happen as soon as it launched Far Cry 5. Thankfully it took so long because no one cares about the map maker game mode.

Still, this raises a question that I think is pretty important. Does every map maker capable of creating a reimagined version of something someone else has made act as a copyright infringement upon being released? Technically, Ubisoft has made it possible to create anything in Far Cry 5, so there should be a lot more potential copyright infringement. I don’t understand why the user should suffer when it’s Ubisoft that made it possible to create this.

Sure, Ubisoft put out a warning over copyright infringement, but it must have known that people would do this. Why would they not if handed the tools to do so? This isn’t a game creation engine, this is something that’s been build to make maps. Everything in there is deliberate, so Ubisoft has almost deliberately made it possible to make a Goldeneye 007 remake. Of course, the law wouldn’t see it this way, and in the end, it makes sense for the map to be removed. I still don’t think this is fair based on the fact that it’s been allowed in the first place. Some system should exist to stop it before it’s finished, otherwise you end up with people wasting three years with nothing to show for it.

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