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Death Trash Launches This Week


This week, one of my most anticipated games of the year launches for PC and Xbox, Death Trash. The game is an RPG set in a truly awful yet beautiful post-apocalyptic world where all sorts of Cthulhu-inspired stuff is going on. Oh, and it’s all themed around meat and blood. The world is absolutely fantastic, the gameplay feels good, even though it can be difficult to learn, and the game is just one of those titles that you have to play to believe. I’m already in love with it, having seen it a few times over the years and played the recent demo.

The best part of this game’s launch is that it’s this week. I’ve heard that it will be part of Xbox Game Pass, but in reality, I think it’ll just be part of the early access program over there. That’s what this game is after all, an early access title. It’s not going to be finished when it launches this week, but it will have most of what you need in it. There will be about half the story, maybe a little less, but the new stuff will be added over time.

The beauty of getting in on this game now is that you get to shape what it will become with your feedback. The developers are extremely keen to have player input when it comes to further development because they know that that’s how games go from being good to fantastic. All the features will probably be in their minds already, but they’re going to take all of that and craft it to what players want over time. This isn’t a game you want to miss out on, particularly if you adore this sort of aesthetic.

Some indie games come along and light the world on fire, while most get a little traction and ultimately die. Death Trash is a game that I can see exploding overnight, getting multiple releases, and even a physical edition in the future. It’s a game that I love to pieces and want to see succeed because it has so much to offer. Honestly, if you haven’t tried it already, give the demo a whirl. I promise you won’t be disappointed. IFg you like it, you can buy it on August 5.

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