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Why Is Sony Taking Legal Action Over Unfair Competition?


You may or may not have heard in the news recently that Sony is taking, or threatening to take, legal action against Dbrand. This is the company that’s become pretty infamous for creating the black faceplates for PS% consoles. They went on sale in February, and have become pretty desirable over the course of the year. Now though, Sony has threatened to sue the company if it doesn’t cease selling them. All this has done is transform these faceplates into a collector’s item, because everyone knows that Sony hates them now. However, it’s the company’s reasoning for all tis legal stuff that baffles me.

Sony has mentioned, among other things, that part of the reason it will sue if the plates aren’t delisted is that it’s unfair competition. This made me laugh, because Dbrand is simply taking advantage of a gap in the market that Sony refuses to fill. Fans have been asking for customisable faceplates on the PS5 since before its launch, but still Sony has refused to do anything about it. Then, when a company comes along to fill the void, Sony offers to sue them for that action. I don’t understand what’s unfair about the competition here, unless the issue is that no one else has dared to make the faceplates, but then that’s not considered unfair in many other cases.

I really dislike how Sony is acting here. The company is showing itself to be a monster. A creature that no one should do anything with or around, because you risk legal action for breathing. It’s a horrible world that Sony is making for itself. Part of the pleasure of owning a console is customising it and making it your own. Sony is never getting that console back, so it’s yours to do with what you want. If you want to put a new faceplate on, then you should be able to. If Sony won’t make them, then someone else should.

The bottom line here is that there are no good limited edition versions of the PS5, and Sony is losing sales because of it. If Sony put all the energy that’s gone into this legal action into making faceplates, it might actually have some happy fans.

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