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Yes, It’s Okay For Io Interactive To Reuse Halloween Content In Hitman 3


This week, Io Interactive updated Hitman 3 with the final Seasons of Sin expansion. Wrath is a big departure from the classic Hitman 3 formula, and signifies the unfortunate end to what has been a fascinating content journey. I’ve loved seeing the story and content evolve in these Escalations over time, advancing and growing to encompass something new each time. Sure, some of the content has missed the mark, but for the most part, it’s been fantastic. Now, we’re at the end that journey, but there’s still so much more than Io Interactive could be doing to keep players invested in the game each month. One of those things is reusing old content, and I for one am here for it.

This week, the Halloween Escalation from Hitman 2 returned to Hitman 3. It’s back in the game as a way to celebrate the scary season. While we sadly haven’t also been given the challenge packs that made this feel so good in Hitman 2, there are new items to earn through this Escalation, and it’s just a nice way to give Hitman 3 players something spooky to play. So many players are having a go at the company for reusing older content, but with such a wealth of seasonal content, it only makes sense.

I would rather have something old for Hitman 3 with a slight twist, which in this case is the revamped challenges for earning gear, thank nothing at all. Some fans out there are saying that they’d rather have nothing, and that’s sad. It’s sad for all the players who have only ever picked up Hitman 3. They need something for Halloween, and the Hitman 2 Escalation in Hawke’s Bay is absolutely perfect. The reality is that Io Interactive doesn’t have a huge team working on the live content for this game, so they need every win they can get.

Simply reworking the challenges to make an old piece of content feel slightly more interesting in the latest game is good enough. After all, the team has also just put out a brand new Escalation in a reworked Hitman 3 location. Let’s cut them some slack. I have no idea what the future holds for this game, but I know we need to be happy with what we get.

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