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Hitman 3 The Wrath Termination Is The End Scene In Skyfall


As you may have been expecting, I’ve been playing a tonne of Hitman 3 lately thanks to the most recent season’s launch. Season of Wrath isn’t the best season we’ve had for the game, but it certainly seems Agent 47 go out with a bang, at least for now. My hope is that the developers will do a similar run of DLC in the new year, but with Project 007 and some other stuff in the background, it’s questionable whether they’ll have time for it. With this season’s premium DLC, the one thing I couldn’t shake was that something was very familiar. Now, I think I’ve nailed it. The Wrath Termination is the end house scene from James Bond Skyfall.

So, if you’ve never seen Skyfall, it ends with Bond and the current M in the house where Bond grew up. It’s supposed to be a sort of inward reflection moment, indicating that Bond had a dark childhood and was rescued by the secret service or something. Regardless, everyone knows where Bond is, and they’re coming for it. The entire scene is a blowout of Bond setting lethal traps to kill people and stalking them while they look for him around this big country manor.

Dartmoor has the mansion, and there are waves of enemies coming to kill Agent 47. It’s a great set-piece in terms of gameplay, but it feels very out of place in Hitman 3. Still, I think that it shows just how much influence Bond is having over everything at Io Interactive. This sort of gameplay instance is ripped right from Skyfall, showing me that Io Interactive is clearly watching a lot of source material for Project 007. That gives me hope, but it also makes me a little wary for what that game could be.

Project 007 should be a massive open world with missions to find. The gameplay can resemble Hitman 3, but it also needs to have its own flavour and identity. I think that this is a lovely easter egg in Hitman 3, but Io Interactive needs to keep their work separate in the future. If fans get more of this, they might lose their minds.

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