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You’ve Still Got Time To Finish No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky’s latest Expedition, Emergence, is still currently live and available for you to play. If you’re quick, you can probably complete it. I have to tell you that this is easily one of the most accessible and shortest Expeditions I’ve played through, and it’s one you can bosh out in a day or so if you’re dedicated. This game has so much to offer, and I think it’s a crying shame that there isn’t more said about it in the wider media. Right now though, I’m trying to make all of you aware that you can get this done if you’re fast, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards you’ve earned forever.

Expeditions in No Man’s Sky are all about a community event. You complete a series of goals across a series of Phases and end up coming out with something awesome at the end. The end rewards are always worth it, and I think this season is pretty decent because it’s all about Halloween. There’s also the fact that soon, there will be a new Expedition to take on in the game, and that’s going to consume all of your time once this one finishes.

Time-limited loot really is my bag. If you read this site regularly, then you’ll know this. There’s something about items that other players can see but never earn that makes me want to get them all. From this point on, all players who start No Man’s Sky probably won’t ever have a chance to get the items you’ll earn from Emergence. That’s what makes it so much fun to earn them. If you push through, you’ll know all of your efforts were worth it in the end because you got something you can regularly enjoy in your main game out of it.

Don’t be silly. If you’re a No Man’s Sky fan, you need to get into Emergence today and power through as much of the content as you can. There are loads of cool rewards on offer, and it gives you a decent amount of something new to play in the game.