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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Is So Gripping


If you’re unaware of what Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is, you need to look it up on your smartphone and download it. It’s a battle royale game that sullies the Final Fantasy VII universe but is also highly enjoyable to play. I can’t stop playing it in fact, and I wanted to discuss why that is. You see, it’s almost exactly the same as popular battle royale games like Fortnite, but it also has a big difference. While it’s filled with microtransactions, I’ve never once felt tempted to buy anything with real world money. It does something that I think is great, engaging you on a different level and making you feel like you’re having fun your own way.

A big part of what makes this possible are the challenges. These come in the form of daily, weekly, and sort of mainline challenges on a per season basis. There are also Holiday Event challenges that are quite a lot of fun too. Having these in mind as you play helps you progress through the season pass each time you play. It doesn’t matter if you win, or how you play, as long as you play, you’ll be making progress. You can use the in-game Gil currency to buy more daily challenges, allowing you to push even harder for season pass progress if you want to.

The constant flow of rewards never ends, and that’s really why the game is fun. Every match is different, but you always feel like you’re working towards something. You’re never sat there thinking that this match is a waste of time. I’ve started matches, done one thing, and then died without killing anyone. However, I’ve still found something or made some sort of progress that made the match matter.

The bottom line is, this game is great. I don’t know if there are plans to make it super focused on microtransactions in the future, but right now it is awesome. It’s my perfect game for Christmas because I can play it wherever I am and whenever I want, and there’s no reason to be connected to the wi-fi or anything. Give it a try.

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