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Where to Find Bronzor in Pokemon Scarlet

In Pokémon Scarlet, there are precisely 400 wild Pokemon species available to catch and train. One of those is a steel and psychic type from generation IV named Bronzor. In this article, I will list all the exact places where Bronzor can be found in the game before detailing its base stats and moveset.

Bronzor Locations in Pokémon Scarlet

Bronzor is located in a variety of different zones across the region of Paldea. Regardless of this, Bronzor almost always tends to frequent ruins. Wherever there is a set of ruins in the game, Bronzor will probably be present. This Pokémon is mostly concentrated in the southern area of the map. It can be found in the Southern Province, areas one all the way through six. It is also located at West Province, areas one and three; East Province, area two and North Province, area one.

Lastly, there are also three more specific areas in which it can be found. These are Asado Desert, Casseroya Lake and Glaseado Mountain.

Here is a map to show where exactly these locations are.

When searching for Bronzor, locating some ruins is the best thing you can do. Bronzor is typically the most common Pokémon amongst the ruinous areas of the game with a rarity of just 36%. When encountered, its level will be between 9 to 25 and it will appear at the same frequency regardless of the time of day.

Bronzor Base Stats and Moveset

As stated above, Bronzor is a physic and steel type Pokémon. At level 1, it starts with the moves Psychic and Tackle. Later on it will gain more powerful moves such as Gyro Ball at level 16, Hypnosis at level 20 and Heavy Slam at level 32. In terms of it’s base stats, they total 300 at level 50 which is around average for a non-evolved Pokémon. Bronzor makes for a solid addition to one’s team and is certainly worth finding in the game. What’s more, Bronzor can evolve into Bronzong at level 33. Bronzong is powerful Pokémon with level 50 base stats totalling 500.

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