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Lies of P: Release Date & Everything There is to Know

2023 has been an absolutely packed year for new video game releases. Lies of P is yet another highly anticipated title and is the focus of this article. It is a soulslike game developed by Neowiz focusing on the story of Pinocchio. The game unfolds in the sombre city of Krat, as Pinocchio tries to find his creator Geppetto. In this article, I outline everything there is to know on Lies of P.

When will Lies of P be released?

The standard edition of the game comes out on  at midnight on 19th September 2023 in the U.K. It will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Xbox GamePass. It is worth nothing that the deluxe edition of the game offers 72-hour early access. For 10 pounds more at £59.99, the game will instead be playable from 4PM BST on 15th September.

Lies of P Synopsis and Gameplay

Lies of P is a soulslike game loosely based on the Italian novel ‘The adventures of Pinocchio’. The game starts at the train station in the sombre, and dark city of Krat. As Pinocchio, must work your way through the levels while killing enemies in order to find your creator, Geppetto. The game’s story will unfold based on your actions and has over 3 unique endings. During Lies of P, you have access to a variety of moves, weapons and abilities. You can use axes, swords and many more. There is also a complex weapon crafting system featuring 30 different types and many more combinations. Lastly, Pinocchio has a mechanical arm with a variety of different uses such as to lure enemies. All in all, the gameplay is complex and provides much depth. It is heavily inspired by the souls games and this definitely plays to the game’s advantage.

Lies of P System Requirements for PC

For PC users, it is always important to keep the system requirements in mind before buying a new AAA game. Thankfully, Lies of P doesn’t appear to be too demanding of a title. The GTX 960 4GB, along with 8GB and an i3-6300 are the minimum requirements. The recommended requirements ask for a GTX 1660 along with 16 GB RAM and the same CPU as before. As you can see, the title should be perfectly playable even on many older GTX cards. For those with an RTX card, the game will also come with DLSS 2 support at launch for even higher framerates!

Lies of P Review Round-Up

The reviews for Lies of P are already out and it has been very positively received so far. It currently averages a very respectable 83 out of 100 on OpenCritic. ‘TheSixthAxis’ in their review gave it a 9 out 10 stating that “smooth combat, seamless exploration and a set of well-executed mechanics makes Lies of P an excellent Soulslike”. IGN gave it an 8 out of 10 and followed suit in praising its adaption of the soulslike style. Overall, this title received a lot of impressive reviews. It undoubtedly has the potential to please souls fans and newcomers alike.

Lies of P is, in conclusion, another fantastic 2023 title to look forwards to. It is heavily inspired by the souls games, and early reviews indicate that it is another great addition to the genre. Lastly, for more information on the big releases this month, be sure not to miss this article here.

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