Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Remaster Coming To PS4 In 2017

In a move that many Final Fantasy fans will savor, a remaster of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017.

The game will give PS4 owners a chance to return to the world of Ivalice, and also includes all of the improvements that the international version of the game had, allowing North American gamers to experience them for the first time. This includes a new character growth system, reconstructed battle design, and a revamped job system.

The Zodiac Age will boast fully remastered HD graphics and sound. The soundtrack is being re-recorded, with an option to switch back to the original soundtrack at any time which allows fans to compare the two. In addition, there will also be a number of modern quality of life improvements such as trophy support, auto-saves and shortened load times.

Final Fantasy XII originally released in 2006 at the back end of the PlayStation 2’s lifecycle. The game received critical acclaim and sold over 5.2 million copies worldwide.

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