Titanfall 2’s Single Player Trailer Drops

Leading up to EA’s presentation, the publisher dropped the long awaited trailer for the single-player campaign in Titanfall 2. The footage shown, which was similarly cut together as a Call of Duty campaign trailer, indicated that at least some of the Titans in the Titanfall universe are sentient. The Titan featured in the trailer, BT-7274 (who sounds an awful lot like Optimus Prime), states that he is “linked to rifleman Jack Cooper” as they had “no other option.”

Creatures similar to those seen in the original Titanfall’s mutiplayer maps also make an appearance in the trailer, hinting that players might be able to fight more than Titans and Pilots. The trailer also shows some mech-blade action that aroused fans after it was first shown in the teaser trailer 2 months ago. The release date has also been revealed: October 28th 2016.

Look forward to more details in EA’s E3 presentation.

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