Ghost Recon Wildlands Shows off Seamless Open-world Covert Operations

Kicking Ubisoft’s E3 presentation off, Ghost Recon Wildlands showed off the massive setting of Bolivia, and the co-op gameplay that players can partake in.

Four player co-op was shown in the gameplay demo which tasked the operatives with extracting a criminal deeply embedded in their establishment. The Wildlands demo displayed various types of terrain and the stealth options that can be used to maneuver them. The synchronized assassinations that the franchise is known for can be pulled off seamlessly, as we got to see players take out enemies regardless of positioning.

Of course the covert approach didn’t last long, so the action quickly transitioned to a high speed chase both off road and on countryside streets as the criminal escaped. The demo showed off a player in a chopper, one on a dirt bike, one driving a pick-up, and the last riding shotgun as they pursued their target which eventually led to a successful extraction.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be released on March 7th 2017

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