New God of War Revealed With Norse Mythological Setting

With perhaps the most elaborate E3 opening in the show’s history, Sony kicked off their conference with an expected, yet still no less impressive reveal of God of War.

We’re introduced to a small boy playing with makeshift toys in the yard, before he’s ordered by his father to grab his hunting knife. His father, a bearded Kratos.

Kratos wins father of the year by taking him out on a simple deer hunt, before facing some armed enemies, and eventually a massive troll. The God of War demo shows Kratos’ son assisting him in taking down the troll before he slays it himself.

The combat looks more intimate, pulling the camera much closer, almost The Last of Us style. With this, the demo shied away demo the grandiose, over the top scale of God of Wars past. But this also benefited the game’s wholly impressive graphical fidelity, with beards, furs, and cloth fluttering in the wind.

The simply titled ‘God of War’ doesn’t have a release date, but we’re looking forward to it.

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