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Upcoming PSVR Surgeon Simulator: ER Patch Detailed; Controls & Tracking Fixed

As we reported last week, Bossa Studios’ Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality had a troubled launch on PlayStation VR, with some users denouncing the game as ‘unplayable’ due to issues with its controls and head tracking.

After vowing almost immediately to start work on resolving the title’s problems, the studio is now nearly ready to turn in a patch to Sony for certification.

In an email received earlier today, head of marketing Rob Gotlieb provided us with the full listed of changes to be introduced by the title update:

  • The game’s controls will now default to ‘absolute’ mode – this provides 1:1 tracking based on your movements, rather than an extended reach.
  • Added an option for playing with the old relative control mode – we think the new ‘absolute mode’ will make lots of people happy, but some people asked us to keep the original controls as an option, so it’s now possible to switch between the new and original modes.
  • Improvement to skeleton hand collision – you now won’t get an instant skeleton hand and you’ll have a bit of leeway when interacting with objects in the game, making it easier to pick up things and be more precise when saving lives.
  • Damage increased when using the circular saw – you’ll be able to use the tool to crunch Bob’s bones more quickly.
  • General performance improvements – you’ll see better frame-rates and tracking.

Gotlieb added that the patch should go live in the next couple of weeks, depending on the duration and outcome of Sony’s review.

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