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Newly Released WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack Introduces a Couple of Annoying Glitches

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

WWE 2K17’s Future Stars Pack DLC was released earlier today, but it seems that in addition to a number of new playable characters, the paid expansion has also introduced a couple of unwelcome bugs.

Coincidentally, most of the issues relate to newly added grapplers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Firstly, a number of audio cues related to the duo’s The Club stable are missing or incomplete; most significantly, leading to an ear-splitting placeholder/error ‘beep’ on the pre-match screen when commentator Michael Cole attempts to announce the group’s name.

Users on social media have also confirmed that crowd noise has not been added to the faction’s entrance, leading to a minor but not insignificant moment of awkward silence.

Perhaps the most annoying glitch of all, though, is the re-introduction of a bug where the referee refuses to count pinfalls following the group’s Magic Killer tag-team finisher, leading to matches being unable to be completed in certain situations.

A number of other minor issues have been reported since the release of the Future Stars Pack on PS4 and Xbox One this morning. We have reached out to 2K Games for an official response, and expect a patch to be released soon.

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