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Epic Games Store Refund Policy Updated, Local Currency Support Coming Soon

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is trying its best to take on Steam. We recently learned that The Division 2 will not be available on Steam but it will come to the Epic Games Store. This is very interesting indeed and the fact that the company can pull moves like this against Steam is very impressive indeed. Epic Games Store is now trying to provide the same features that Steam offers.

The refund policy has been updated and according to the new rules, you can refund a game in the first 14 days of purchase or first 2 hours of gameplay. This is what Steam offers as well. Epic Games Store is trying to make the platform as self-service as possible and that could be a good thing but Steam already has thousands of games and plenty of developers using the platform to publish their games.

Unreal Engine website blog was updated and the following is what the devs had to say about the new store:

For the past five years, we’ve been building tools enabling Epic to bring our games directly to players. We built the Epic Games launcher on PC and Mac featuring Fortnite and Unreal Engine; we built a worldwide digital commerce ecosystem supporting dozens of payment methods; and we gained great economies of scale thanks to Fortnite’s growth.

Epic Games Store supports regional pricing for 30 regions which translates to 130 countries. Regional pricing is not available for all countries but this is an impressive start. The platform is using USD right now but that will change to local currency in the future. One of the major selling points is that the store charges only 12% and the rest goes to the developer of the game.

If the game uses Unreal Engine then the platform does take 5% royalties as well. Which seems to be fair. Epic Games Store also offers some free games which are something that players like to see. Even though the store is new, it could offer some decent competition against Steam.

Let us know what you think about the Epic Games Store and whether or not you think it could take on Steam when it comes to PC gaming.

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