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New Changes in The Division 2 That Are Subtle But Great

The Division 2

Since the new update, there are a couple of changes in The Division 2. Some of them are subtle so you might not have noticed them but they are worth pointing out. Here are some of the new changes in The Division 2 that you might have missed.

Underground entrances and connections

You can now see how different underground entrances connect with one another.

Sniper turret worth using now

The snipper turret used to be pretty lame. I used it once and moved back to the automatic one. Now it has been changed. It will now point and shoot at any enemy that you are aiming at and try to kill it. If you are not aiming at a target it will find one that is close and will wait for your signal to shoot. It can be useful if you are playing solo and is much better than the previous version.

Stats are clearer

The numbers under your gear score indicate offensive, defensive, and skill power. The UI was different before but it is much clearer and easier to read now.

Ambusher faction shows up more

This faction shows up more often now. I actually never noticed this faction before so chances are that you might not have either. But you will now. You will encounter them more frequently in the open world.

Weapon mods are simpler

Weapon mods used to have their pros and cons and you would trade in a perk for another one but they have now been changed to give you more pros than cons. This is something that I appreciated a lot when I launched the game recently. It makes life much simpler.

Skill mods are more usable

Skill mods used to have very high requirements but that has changed since the new update. This makes modding much easier and simple.

If you are interested in learning more then you should check out our top 5 tips for playing The Division 2 and how the game is much better then the previous one.

Let us know what you think about The Division 2 and what your experience has been like so far.

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