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Features We Want To See In Bully 2

Bully 2

We have got a lot of rumors about Bully 2 in recent days and while Rockstar has not confirmed whether the game is coming out or not, we can still talk about aspects and features of the game that we would like to see if it ever came out. Here are the features that we would like to see in Bully 2.


In the original game, we could only use bicycles but I imagine that Hopkins is going to be much bigger now and that players will be able to drive cars and bikes. I am sure that is something the fans would be interested in experimenting with. It might make the game similar to GTA but Rockstar could put an interesting spin on things. Local transport could be interesting as well. Using the bus for fast traveling is another feature that I would like to see in Bully 2.

Co-op Multiplayer

Bully is the kind of game that is much better with friends. Imagine if you could play the original game with a friend. That would be very interesting indeed. While the original game did not have co-op multiplayer we can hope that the sequel will have this feature. Being able to play Bully 2 with your friends could be a lot of fun.

Bully 2

Create Your Own Clique

Rockstar did a great job with the clique dynamics of the original game and while getting along with different groups in the original game was fun, starting your own clique would be even better. Hazing the new recruits could be a thing and recruits would need to fulfill certain requirements to be part of the clique. That could be very interesting indeed. Furthermore, each recruit could have different skills and talents that would set them apart from other people.

Female Protagonist

Rockstar has strong female characters in its games but we have not got a female protagonist in the lead role. Bully 2 might be the perfect game to change that. I am sure that the fans would love it.

Let us know what you think about Bully 2 and what features you would like to see in the game if it ever came out.

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