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We Definitely Need A Plague Tale 2

Asobo Studio, developers of the incredible A Plague Tale: Innocence, have confirmed that a sequel is in the works for 2022. I adore A Plague Tale: Innocence, and whilst it was released as a standalone game, I always felt like it was ripe for a sequel. In fact, I think that there could be at least two more games in the series, providing Asobo Studio thinks the same way that I do. Let me take you through them.

A Plague Tale: Corruption


My idea for the second game in the A Plague Tale series sees the story of Amicia and Huge continue from where it left off. The Inquisition has been pretty much decimated because of the end of the first game, I won’t spoilt it here, and the church’s attitude towards them. However, the rats and the plague haven’t disappeared just because the Inquisition are gone. In Corruption, the rats and plague have continued to spread, though they’ve done it much more organically, reflecting real life, spreading to England.

Coincidentally, Amicia and Hugo fled to England for a fresh start. They ended the first game with nothing, but wanted to get away from the scenes of the first game, but things have taken a darker turn for the pair. Their mother is weak after the events of the first game, and Amicia and Hugo are worried about her contracting the plague. With Hugo’s abilities, rats aren’t too much of a problem, but England is a total mess, and that makes things way more dangerous for the pair.

In Corruption, I think that Amicia and Hugo will be forced to do things that they don’t want to, killing people and causing suffering in order to survive. The authorities will slowly come to realise that something suspicious is going on with the pair and their mother, and close in on them. More dark twists and turns will take place, and players will control Amicia, Hugo, and their mother in different portions of the game as they work to avoid the English authorities.

I could see Asobo creating some sort of cult of the plague that would serve as an authority for the time, since most people died from the plague. The actions the three are forced into could also see them divided, with Hugo going off on his own as he develops a sense of independence, leaving Amicia to care for their mother and fight against this plague cult.

A Plague Tale: Revolution


During the time that A Plague Tale: Innocence is set, the Hundred Years War raged on, contributing to the number of rats in the world. In this third game in the series, Revolution, many years have passed since Corruption. Amicia is on her own, her mother long dead, having succumbed to the plague. She is now a very different person, forced to do things she never thought she’d have to do in the name of survival. To stay alive in the wake of so much conflict, Amicia has become a mercenary, killing for a living, and she’s just been hired to take down a new free-company that’s defeating anyone that stands against it.

Over the course of Revolution, Amicia will play a part in restoring order to the world of A Plague Tale, in which the swarms of rats are commonplace, and the only people still alive are immune to the plague. As she works with her employer to defeat armies through covert missions of stealth, she begins to hear more about the enigmatic leader of this opposing free-company. The more she hears, the more Amicia recognises traits that the soldiers talk of, a quick temper, and a tendency to drift off in conversation.

About halfway through the game Amicia would meet this leader, her brother Hugo. Completely changed and now a man, Hugo commands more than just men. His army defeats anyone who stands against it because of his abilities, which have evolved even more over the course of time. Hugo wants to rule, he’s become completely enthralled by his powers and refuses to give them up. Ultimately I see Amicia having to kill Hugo in order to save the world from such a tyrant, because there’s no coming back from the corruption within him.

However, I also think that Amicia could save Hugo. Certain actions in the game would show Hugo who he really is, and players will have the option to take these actions or ignore them, making for at least two drastically different endings to the game, and two drastically different playthroughs.

Those are my ideas for future A Plague Tale games, let me know what you think of them in the comments.

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