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Why I’m Excited About The Shore


Over the past few years we’ve all seen a game that looks terrible to begin with rise to fame and eventually become one of the most popular games on the planet. Specifically, I’m talking about The Forest, a survival horror game in which players were plonked on an island and left to fend for themselves. No one really knew what they were doing in the beginning, but eventually enough YouTubers and streamers picked it up that everyone was playing it, and now it’s a very popular game. I believe that The Shore is going to see something similar, check out the trailer for the game below.

Details on the game are scarce right now, and to be honest, that’s probably because it’s very early on in development. From what we’ve been shown, it seems like we’ll be playing a character who has been shipwrecked on a forbidden island, somewhere that sailors actively avoid at all costs. At one point there were other survivors, but the trailer reveals that they’re all long dead now.

While there’s a house, of sorts, that the protagonist can live in, the shore is plagued by Lovecraftian monsters. We don’t know if these guys will only come out at night, or if they will tie into some sort of knowledge/insanity mechanic that we have yet to be shown.

You’re probably thinking what I did when I first watched this trailer, it looks pretty rough. Every scene is clearly staged, and all the monsters are operating on commands, with no AI behind them. That’s probably the case, and it’s also totally fine. The trailer shows us what could be, and if any of these enemies actually get some sort of intelligent, then I’ll be running for my life.

The important thing to remember is that The Forest looked just like this when it launched in early access on Steam. I can’t wait to see what comes from this game as development continues. Since it hasn’t launched yet, it could well eventually come to next-gen consoles, and possibly even the Switch.

Sometimes we write about games that we’re just excited about. If you want to read about more games that we’re eager to play, check them out here.

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