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Hyper Scape Is Looking To Be The Next Big Battle Royale Game


Fortnite has been the kind of the battle royale genre for a good while now, but Ubisoft is looking to break in with their latest game, Hyper Scape. Officially revealed during their Ubisoft Forward event, the game looks to put players in a single map, with the same ultimate goal of emerging as the lone survivor, but there’s a bit more to it that makes it seem far more interesting.

As you can see, this looks like fairly standard fare for a battle royale game. Everyone is dropped into the game at once, and you need to fight until you’re the last one standing. Of course, there are these items called hacks that are also present. Since the game itself is a game within the game, it can be hacked. This will allow you to teleport, hide in plain sight, and even become a ball that can bounce over enemies. It might seem crazy, but I think that it’s different enough that it will turn heads.

Players are too used to the standard fight to the death in games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, they want something different that will give them new tactics to master. Hyper Scape will be an evolving game that does just that, and there’s enough variance already that it should be very easy to build upon it and push it to be constantly intriguing.

Outside of the actual gameplay, Hyper Scape is already set up to have an interesting story that can be told over the course of seasons. The world has been wrecked, and becoming a star in the Hyper Scape is pretty much your only way out of the horrors of the reality of living in a megacity. This pushed people to become better at the game, but also implement new hacks that are changing the way it’s being played.

From here I can see the game evolving to include forms of authority that will crack down on hackers, and eventually a big player split between that authority and the hackers. Ubisoft knows that they’re doing, and they’ve put together a game that could go on for the next ten years, as long as they play their cards right with its evolution over that time. This could be the end of Fortnite, or at least another reason for the player base there to decline year-on-year.

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