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MAC’s The Sims 4 Makeup Is Abysmal


Today, I stumbled across something very strange while scrolling through my Twitter feed. It was a trend for ‘Sims’. Now that’s not necessarily strange on its own, but when I realised that the trend was probably a paid promotion for a new MAC makeup deal, I rolled my eyes so hard that it hurt. Not only that, the makeup actually looks awful. There seems to be nothing there that will let you look like your Sim. Really, it just looks like a bunch of products that MAC would have partnered up with anyone on, and they just happened to sucker EA in with a pitch for The Sims 4.

I’ve been to the official page for these products, you can view it here. I think that you’ll agree that they’re not the greatest. In fact, the packaging seems to be all that has been branded for The Sims 4. The rest just looks like a standard MAC palette that you could buy before this promotion was live.

There are other products that toe the line between being a legitimate crossover however. For example, the Chromagraphic Pencil comes in a range of bright colours that would look right at home in The Sims 4. I’d say that’s it though. The eye shadow isn’t inspiring, and the lipstick is pretty basic too.

Ea is well known for jumping on deals that net them loads of cash very quickly. They did it with microtransactions long after players stopped playing their games because they were sick of having to pay to progress. Eventually, they learned, but obviously, they didn’t learn enough. This deal must be generating a lot of money for EA, but it’s also taking advantage of a lot of people who will buy these products purely because they’re associated with The Sims 4 name.

There are so many other better ways that EA could have partnered with products on The Sims 4. For example, electric scooters, encouraging young people to use renewable energy for transport, would be fantastic. You could make a custom Sims 4 scooter and sell it to pretty much everyone who plays the game. Anything that actually ties in with the game’s themes of bright colours, living a low-waste life, or going on holiday, would have been better with this. Let’s hope that EA’s marketing department does better in the future.

On a final note, I will say that the products you can use in The Sims 4 at least make sense. Still, the physical goods need to be much, much better.

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