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Why I’m Excited About Boundary


Boundary is a fantastic looking space shooter that has been on the peripherals of the games industry for a while now. It’s been at shows, it’s even had major parts at big events like E3, when it could be on. Now though, the game has just received an official announcement trailer. It’s almost as if the developers wanted to remind us that they’re making a game we might be interested in, because many people have known about this game for quite some time now. Check it out below anyway. Please note how absolutely stunning it looks, and how crazy it would be to fly around in space with nothing but a suit.

I’m excited about Boundary for one key reason. It’s the realisation that the space battle at the end of James Bond Moonraker was the best idea ever. Here, we have two teams of astronauts fighting each other with not too distant future weapons whilst flying around a space station that’s slowly falling apart. The more bullets miss, the more damage is done to the station, and the more debris there is to avoid. Being in space is scary enough, but when you add floating debris that might rip you apart into the mix, things just get too dicey to be comfortable.

I think what I’m genuinely most excited about is that this is the next shooter that will become my obsession. There’s probably going to be a battle pass and various cosmetic items to earn. I think that I would play it so much that I’d stand a chance at laying competitively too, which is really saying something. This game brings my obsession with shooters and space together in a glorious way, and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’d love to be playing it today.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release window. I imagine that the game has been hit by the pandemic and developers working from home. Hopefully we can get a better look at it soon, if not a full gameplay reveal and PS5 release date in Q1, as unlikely as that might be.

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