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Dying Light 2 Needs A Content Roadmap


Techland has confirmed that tomorrow, they’ll be giving us all an update on Dying Light 2. The only thing we don’t know about is what that reveal entials. The game might be shown through a new trailer, there could be new gameplay, or maybe some sort of interpretive dance? No one knows. However, even once we have a release date, even when the game is finally in our hands and we’re playing it, we don’t know what’s coming next. That’s why we think that Techland should do what all big publishers do, and put out a roadmap for the content that will be coming to Dying Light 2 after it’s been released.

In all fairness, what we’re asking for is something only companies such as Ubisoft, or MMO developers like Bungie, do. Not every game needs a roadmap. The first Dying Light had no need for one because the game was the only thing that was planned. The DLC that followed was a great way to piggyback off the game’s success, and all the updates and content packs we’ve had since are bonuses. No one at Techland expected that they’d still be making new content for their game six years on.

That’s why they need to plan six years in advance for Dying Light 2. The community has shown that they’re willing to play for that period of time, so give us something to look forward to. We need to know when DLC is planned for release, if any is planned right now. We also need to know about the in-game events we’ll get to take part in, as well as any new game modes that might get dropped over the years. If the past has taught us anything, it’s that Techland will make this game a platform for players to return to every day as long as they keep on playing and buying the content.

We’re not asking for a six-year roadmap, but the first year would be good. Knowing when we need to start a new playthrough, or when to level up our characters, can only be done with a vague idea of what’s coming just around the corner.

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