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If Marvel’s Wolverine Is Rated M, Then We’re Killing People


We’ve recently heard that Marvel’s Wolverine is going to be a mature game, something that’s incredibly important for the source material to be lived up to in the game. However, we haven’t heard yet whether this translates directly to an M rating or something lower. I reckon that we need that M rating though, because it means we’ll be killing people as Wolverine. This is the bread and butter of the comic books, since Wolverine is quite often out of his mind with rage, meaning he just kills everyone. He’s been a pawn in the army before and used to kill soldiers by the dozens. Hopefully, we’ll be getting the M rating we need.

Marvel’s Wolverine could be a very different kind of Marvel game if this is the case. But then the good Wolverine films have always been very different as well. When Wolverine doesn’t kill someone, he feels muted, like his blades have corks on the ends. When he does kill though, it makes perfect sense. After all, he’s got blades on his fists, and he’s able to murder anyone that stands in his way. In fact, it’s how he kills quite a few mutants as well.

I imagine that the game will look very much like God of War from 2018. We’ll be close up to the combat, have some fancy combos and abilities to use, but ultimately it will be Wolverine as a one man army against all the enemies the game can throw against him. The luxury the developers have is that the world of Marvel’s mutants leaves things open for enemies to look like anything they can imagine. There are so many variations, and some can be incredibly frightful.

I think that for the source material to be lived up to, Wolverine needs to be doing some killing. If he doesn’t then the game isn’t going to feel right. This is a man who only has lethal weapons at his disposal, and he’s not going to waste time keeping them sheathed when he’d have an advantage by taking them out. I can’t wait to see where Insomniac Games takes the world and story of this lone wanderer.

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