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Don’t Knock Final Fantasy VII: The Final Soldier Until You’ve Tried It


AS you might have guessed, I’ve been playing a bit of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. This game sounds completely mad on paper, but I do think that it’s one of those combinations that seems to blend incredibly well in practice. The developers have done a great job pulling together some fantastic battle royale gameplay mechanics and immersing them in the Final Fantasy VII world. Every Soldier is unique and has guns and swords and powers to use to kill their enemies. Within this virtual world they’re fighting in, they’re really killing it. There are even a few small enemies to tackle if you fancy pushing the boat out.

So a match in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier starts as you’d expect. You’re dropped onto a map from the sky, and need to kill every other player on the map in order to win. I have won one match so far, and it as really fun. The maps are colossal, way too big for the players that drop into them. However, that makes it feel quite nice for each individual, because you’ve got space to explore and gather weapons without being murdered while you have nothing to your name. There are also smaller enemies to kill to help level up your Soldier and give them some much needed benefits over other weaker opponents.

The endgame of a match is really quite good. It’s you and a couple of other overpowered Soldiers all fighting it out against one another. If you see someone out there, then you need to shoot them as soon as possible. If they get close, use Materia and your sword. I was astounded by how many players were using swords over guns, but it might just have been early jutters. The gameplay feels smooth and so good in your hands. My one complaint is the stability of the servers, but that will come with time. This game is so worth it for anyone who is even vaguely interested in Final Fantasy. If you want a fresh battle royale experience that will keep you engaged for a long period of time and that’s accessible on your phone, this is the one.

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