Doom Adding New Features to SnapMap and Multiplayer; New Demon and Deathmatch Included

Bethesda introduced the new content that will be added to Doom in the coming months. First, they announced the types of content that will be coming to SnapMap, which will include new themes, items, logic options, and they’re even adding the weapon wheel to make SnapMap levels feel more and more like the campaign.

Doom’s multiplayer will continue to get supported with two new modes next month: a one-flag CTF Mode called Exodus, and a capture-and-hold mode called Sector. Later in the summer, Doom is bringing back Deathmatch, the mode that popularized the franchise, in three different variant gametypes.

All new modes will be free in the coming months, which excludes Doom’s premium DLC pack Unto The Evil that will be made available alongside the game’s free content. Three new multiplayer maps, a new weapon and other custom options, along with the new playable demon called “The Harvester”,  will also be included in Doom’s paid DLC. In Bethesda’s after-show, Doom executive producer Marty Stratton revealed that the Harvester unique abilities include a lightening gun styled attack that will charge up an AOE attack after a series of enemy kills.

The release date for Doom’s free content and Unto the Evil has not been set, however you can expect Doom’s add-on content to become available in the coming months, and the paid DLC will automatically come to those who purchased Doom’s season pass for $39.99.

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