Dishonored 2 – Will You Play With or Without Powers?

A year after it’s official announcement at Bethesda’s conference last year, we finally got a chance to see Dishonored 2 in action and many of the new powers that are introduced to the sequel.

We got a closer look at Emily’s Far Reach ability that she can use to transport herself around the environment as well as pull enemies towards her. We also saw a new power called Mesmerize which she can use to render groups od enemies into a trance.

Chief among her new abilities is called Domino, which allows the player to link multiple enemies and after killing one, all those that are connected will share the same fate. Though not only can Domino be used on enemies, but NPCs as well. Arkane Studios’ co-creative director Harvey Smith described in a Gamespot E3 Stage Show that their lead designer happened upon a firing squad getting ready to execute a group of heretics. After using Domino on one of the executioners and the victim, once the member of the firing squad pulled the trigger, they both perished.

Dishonored 2 powers E3

In the face of all that, Smith revealed on Monday via Twitter Dishonored 2’s third pillar that’ll exist alongside its high and low chaos play options called “Flesh and Steel”. Essentially, when approached near the beginning of the game by The Outsider, you can deny accepting his “gifts”, which will open you up to playing Dishonored 2 as a pure stealth action game without powers.

Dishonored 2 looks to offer a daunting level of play options from full chaos, to pacifist, to having no powers at all. Which path will you choose when Dishonored 2 releases on November 11, 2016?

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