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WWE 2K17 Users Are Having Their Save Data Wiped by Downloading Community Creations

WWE 2K17

A major issue that is causing WWE 2K17 users to have their save files irreversibly corrupted is triggered by users simply downloading specific content from the game’s Community Creations section, publisher 2K Games has admitted.

Over the past week, a number of users have been taking to social media and Reddit to voice their complaints over the issue, with a popular user-created Rob Van Dam being cited as the main cause of the data loss by multiple players [1] [2] [3].

The ability for players to create and share their own created wrestlers and arenas has been a popular feature of the WWE Games series for a number of years now, but it appears that the mode has become too complex for its own good. WWE 2K’s community manager Bryan Vore confirmed that the problem seems to occur when players download user-created superstars, championships and arenas uploaded by others that use over 14 unique custom logos – though users have reported that the issue can still occur regardless of this number.

Vore assured users that WWE 2K17’s development team are working on a fix for the issue, but requested that players limit their custom logo usage to 14 or fewer for their uploaded creations in the short term, as well as taking care to avoid downloading any content that contains more custom logos than the threshold. Vore added: “Our request… is just a temporary workaround so that this problem is not triggered when downloading content from Community Creations.”

Vore also confirmed that 2K are investigating reports of the PS4’s Rest Mode causing similar issues, but have not yet been able to recreate the issue. As a preventative measure, users are being asked to set the “save auto-upload” option to off in Rest Mode’s settings.

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  • Nathan Meehan

    As were on the topic of creations did u know, that whenever you create arena on the led apron you put arena movie and you can put a custom logo over it so it doesn’t look like there’s 2 logos there